Veneers in Laguna Beach CA

One effective cosmetic dentistry treatment that Dr. Stein offers is the dental veneer. These thin, tooth-colored shells are placed over the visible area of the teeth to improve the appearance and aesthetic appeal of your smile. At our Laguna Beach dental practice, we offer several variations in addition to traditional veneers:

  • Bonding – this is also referred to as the “direct technique” for veneers. During the bonding procedure, Dr. Stein will place composite resin on the outside of the tooth to build up the tooth and remove dental flaws.
  • Indirect Technique – When people think of veneers, they usually think over the indirect technique. Requiring two appointments to complete, Dr. Stein will prepare the teeth and take impressions of the mouth during the first visit. Your impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory, which creates your custom veneers over the course of two or three weeks. During your second appointment, Dr. Stein will place your new porcelain or pressed ceramic veneer for optimal aesthetic results.
  • Lumineers® – The no-prep alternative to traditional veneers, Lumineers® is a thin, aesthetically-pleasing treatment that can be placed in just one visit with Dr. Stein.

When in place, veneers can enhance imperfect teeth, teeth with large fillings, and teeth with stress fractures. Veneers also require less tooth removal than traditional crowns, so they are often a more comfortable treatment option. Please call or visit our office soon to learn more about which type of veneers is right for you!